TV Show thread

(Sanchez ) #1

Arrow = hooked
Hannibal = hooked
The tomorrow people= Good enough for a 1st season
The 100 =mediocre so far
Supernatural = never get bored

Il add a few more in the summer

Continuum season 2

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Sopranos is coming out on Blu Ray in september, only took a bajillion years.

For us its

Banshee, Hannibal, American Horror Story, Nurse Jackie (Mostly @JadEasy on this one)

Have a long list of things to watch.

(Adam) #3

I’m just waiting for True Detective Season 2

(Nick) #4

I’m just watching Game of Thrones S4 at the moment. Semi-recently finished True Detective and House of Cards S2. Found out i’m behind on Suits so i’ll watch that after i bash out 3 modules of coursework and 2 exams in the next 12 days (i’ll probably watch it today).

(Sanchez ) #5


I clocked season 1 and a couple eps of season of GOT in a weekend some time back now . I got bored i cant understand the hype for the show now .

I am telling you i have watched some crap tv too , after the enjoyment of seeing titties in nearly each episode the excitment wore off for me .

(Check my profile for game IDs) #6

Something I didn’t expect to enjoy, is Nashville.
My mother in law and her husband watch it and have managed to get me and my wife hooked, so just watching the first season now.

I really need to watch Game of Thrones, only seen season 1 so I might download some of that tonight.

(Nick) #7

It’s a really good show IMO. It’s not the greatest and it’s over-hyped but it’s still very good.

I forgot i’m also watching The Good Wife (no homo). Pretty good show. It’s basically about this Indian superwoman called Kalinda who does everything imaginable and vaguely possible in 30 minutes or less. (That was a REALLY FUNNY JOKE about the show, for anyone who watches it.)

(Mark Dornan) #8

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Nurse Jackie
Boardwalk empire
Sons of Anarchy
True detective
House of cards

(Gavin Rainey) #9

you like banshee then baldy?

(Sanchez ) #10

Maybe i will watch it again on lunch breaks , i watched breaking bad in 2 months worth of lunches lol.

(Mark Dornan) #11

Getting into it.

(Paul Corkin) #12

Been Hooked on Arrow ever since i started it, now on season 2 ep 21 or 22 can’t remember, One of the best shows i’ve watched lately. The Flash spin of from it should be interesting too.

(Sanchez ) #13

Well Arrow has just finished , was a good finale . Blockbuster esque imo.
Roll on season 3

(Paul Corkin) #14

23 episodes in season 2? I’m on last one i think now.

(Adam) #15


stuff I’m watching

(Gavin Rainey) #17

Add Hannibal to that list.

(Sanchez ) #18

This +1 millionity .Season finale tomorrow

He is the most accomplished villian i have ever seen in any media format. The guy oozes class and honour.

Unless you class walter white as a villian

(Paul Corkin) #19

Is that Gold Rush i see? New season just started?


Naw, S4 ended not so long ago. S5 starts airing in October.