TV Show thread

(Rob Thomas) #184

That we did.

It might get picked up by someone else. It was surprising it lasted so long considering the ratings weren’t great.

(Sam Hather) #185

Hulu have the option to apparently

(Fatmanp) #186

So the last ever proper episode of Top Gear is airing this Sunday. Probably going to be the highest rated ep ever.


Opinions on season two of True Detective.

(Fatmanp) #188

I really enjoyed it.

(Ryan Roberts) #189

Came to post this, I was chatting to my cousin about this whilst on holiday. Cannot believe they cancelled it, gutted. Particularly when there were plans for season four they were going to introduce Starling. If any streaming service picks it up going forward, I will subscribe.

(Fatmanp) #190

Has anybody watched Mr Robot? First episode was brilliant. Going to watch ep 2 tonight.

(Rob Thomas) #191

Anyone else seen Peaky Blinders?

Other than having to listen to the brummie accent, it’s really good.

(Xenoscythe) #192

Is that the one netflix has picked up with the gangsters? looks good tempted to give it a watch!

(Rob Thomas) #193

Not sure about the netflix thing, but yeah, it’s about brummie gangsters.

(Lewis) #194

Yes. Watched the leak a couple of weeks back. Was impressed. Had a Matrix/Fight Club vibe to it.

Watching Black Mirror for the first time. Very impressed with some of the work. Episode 2 from Season 2 is seriously powerful stuff.

I wish there was more good British tv shows like this. Utopia is getting a US remake on Netflix by Fincher. Doesn’t really need one to be honest but I’ll still check it out.


I’ve only recently discovered how fucking amazing Family Guy is. I feel ashamed and yet happy because I found something new and amazing to watch.

(Xenoscythe) #196

I also recommend American Dad, similar themes to Family guy but different enough to keep it amusing and interesting. I go through phases of preferring one over the other!


Just going through Netflix atm, finished American Horror Story - very ambitious series, doesn’t quite reach it’s potential tying everything together - but it gives it a damn good try! Sons Of Anarchy, didn’t grab me at first but seems to be getting better and better as it goes. Orange Is The New Black, not far through it but it strikes me as an American Bad Girls, we’ll see how it progresses.

The Thick of It, amazing political satire with Dr Who swearing his little head off, amazing swearing.

(Sam Hather) #198

Stick with SOA, it’s fucking ace.


Ah I will do, just having a breather from the end of Season 2. That was good!

(Ben ) #200

Yeah I was putting off Sons of Anarchy for ages and now I’ve started it I’m hooked. Just started season 3

(Fatmanp) #201

SOA is a pretty average to decent show in seasons 1-3. After that it takes off and becomes absolutely epic. Very similar to The Shield in that is gets better as it goes on.

(Sam Hather) #202

Definitely agree with this. Such a brutal show.

(Max Grkinic) #203

the last 2 season of SoA are two of the best series of television out there imo. Incredible show.