TV Show thread

(Sam Hather) #224

Yeah i’ve been watching it. Shaping up to be the type of show I could fall in love with. The concept is great and so far so is the execution of it.


I’m watching, like it so far. Anthony Hopkins is great.

I’ve actually been binging pretty good lately. Watched all of Mr Robot, 11.22.63, watched the entire S6 +S7E1 of TWD and Black Mirror (only one episode left, so I’m savoring it for tomorrow morning)

TWD didn’t look as interesting, but man oh man it’s getting crazy again, I’m actually excited for Sunday.
Black Mirror is the holy grail for me right now though. It’s just too perfect for cynical sci-fi lovers.

(C**t ) #226

Ive got 11.22.63 to watch, would you recommend it?


Yeah, sure! I hope you like it. Don’t fall in love with it though, it only has 8 episodes :smiley:
I also forgot to mention Daredevil. Haven’t made it past S1 yet but I’ve expected better, it was so hyped… and then came the cheesy 90’s style Russians uhhh. I’ll keep watching it though.

(Adam Harwood) #228

I still have daredevil on my list of things to watch. Is Jessica Jones worth a watch as well considering I’ve already seen Luke Cage?

TWD has me hooked again after last episode. It was must watch television again instead of oh I’ll watch that when I have time. Another show I am into at the moment is Blindspot. In the second season currently but I feel it is pale in comparison to the first season.

(DayC) #229

YES! The Marvel line on Netflix is really strong and it’s all leading into the Defenders

(Fatmanp) #230

Read the book instead.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones are both brilliant. I have not finished Luke Cage because I thought it was terribly shit.

(Lewis) #231

(Gavin Rainey) #232

Mr Robot is good so far, the one hacker girl is a bit too edgy for me but its bearable

(Sam Connolly) #233

I thought that, but once season two hit it all got a bit unbearable. Props to the director / actors though, they clearly did their research in an attempt to make a some sort of a reflection on the world of sec pen, which isn’t something I’ve ever seen another TV show do well. At the very least, it’s better than the typical hollywood hacker

(Gavin Rainey) #234

yep I agree

She is certainly very edgy


how dare you talk shit about Darlene, that’s my girl right there

ep.7 Westworld though…

(Fatmanp) #236

Westworld episode 7 was brilliant.