TV Show thread

(Josh) #41

Yeah I am up to date on that, just gets better as it goes on if you ask me. I really enjoy it.

(Sanchez ) #42

Arrow :smile:

Let me start by saying im not a comic book geek of any form . Yes i knew that green arrow yeilded a bow and arrow but other than seeing him on several seasons of smallville thats about as far as my knowledge went .

When i found out they were making a show , i was like great they must get the guy of smallvile to do it . smallville guy.

Fast forward the summer months of 2012 and the torrent drops .To put it simply , if your a fan of the dark knight trilogy you will love this . The first season has some dodgy and even more dodgy CGI in places but it doesnt distract from the main story . You see oliver before he ended up on the island , and then what the island makes he become in the present time . The flashbacks can be a little long winded at first but stick with it they start to forshadow events as you go along , season 1 ends tragically but its the “push” oiliver needs for the greater good.

Season 2 is very much about coming full circle , realising his mistakes from season one. Other characters start to develop a lot more and the action gets a noticeable bump . I mean the combat scenes done by stephen amel and caity lotz are really them and look sick to me at least .

Anyway if you like the idea of a “grounded” superhero with a dual personality in the modern world this is the show for you.

@joebrown1177 if i had to rate this show it would be a B+ simply because the only shows ive ever watched that would be A rated are Breaking Bad,Hannibal and Fargo .

(Paul Corkin) #43

Plus wee Felicity is a beaut.

(Fatmanp) #44

Almost every woman who appears on a TV show on the CW is a beaut

(Fatmanp) #45

The Strain…



(Sanchez ) #46

Watched that earlier , wow thats the best dracula i have ever seen .
Acting and dialouge is predictable/dodgy though .8/10

(Gavin Rainey) #47

Personally like the constantine story, this could be good

(Adam) #48

Finally got around to watching House of Cards.

Best show I’ve watched in a long time. knock knock


heard about that one, will have to keep my eye on it for sure

(Mark Dornan) #50

Watched Orange is the new black last night, first 2 episodes. This ones a winner , very funny and original a must watch.

Also as fatman says The Strain is looking good, acting and scripts a bit so so but it looks promising after 2 episodes.


Orange is the new Black is quite brilliant, finished season two in like 2 days… :frowning: need more

(Mark Dornan) #52

(Paul Corkin) #53

Re-watching Arrow season 2 since i’m bored.

(Andy ) #54

Arrow is friggin awesome… they also have a new tv-show “The Flash 2014” with the same guy that starred in Arrow.
Does anyone watch Hemlock Grove? Its pretty sweet, i just finished watching s2.

I have an awesome streaming website for tv-shows if anyone wants to see the pilot of The Flash: ask me for it and I will PM you

Edit: Sorry mod who edited my post, didn’t realize it was not okay to post a streaming website on the forum.

(Paul Corkin) #55

Yeah all made sense to me once the trailer for the flash was shown about Barry Alan in the Arrow. Waiting for season 3 of the Arrow. :frowning:

(Mark Dornan) #56

Anyone who hasn’t seen Utopia and likes Science Fiction, check it out, part 2 just out and just as good as the original series.

Also for anyone who never picked up on Luther with Idris Elba , check it out , well worth a watch.

(Sanchez ) #57

Utopia hasnt really interested me .

Luther i have been watching before he got famous , amazing show . I tend to hate cop shows to ,well serious ones anyway

(C**t ) #58

One of the best British TV shows Ive seen for a long time.

(Greg) #59

Working my way through the wire, just finished season 3. After looking around the internet, i’ve seen people saying that season 2 is candidate for worst of the series (not bad but not as good as the rest), but its my favorite season so far tbh.

(Anthony) #60

People say that to be sheep. Season two is brilliant.