TV Show thread

(Fatmanp) #61

I never enjoyed S2 on the first viewing because I had attached myself to the characters from the first season. However when you watch it through a second time it is undoubtedly the best of the series.

(Mark Dornan) #65

Watched several episodes of Bates Motel, not bad but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.

Shows held together with magic performances from Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore and the not bad Max Thieriot.

On the other hand it occurred to my while watching this that the OMEN needs… ahem …NEEDS to be made into a TV series spanning all the books, if done in the same quality as Hannibal it would be fucking awesome.

(Mark Dornan) #66

The last ship and legends are fail, going to watch some “The Knick” now.

(Mark Dornan) #67

2 episodes of “The Knick” in and I believe we have another winner.

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The Wire in HD



DAMN. Guess I’ll be rewatching The Wire at least one more time.

(Fatmanp) #71

Blu-Ray release?

(Gavin Rainey) #72

I will watch the wire and the sopranos annually/bi annually from now until eternity.

(Fatmanp) #73

I do the same with the West Wing.


Just started re-watching Breaking Bad a few hours ago. So god damn good!

(Sanchez ) #75

I will be watching a few of these,winter is the best time for TV

(Gavin Rainey) #76

Watch Trailer Park Boys on Netflix, hilarious

(Fatmanp) #77

You can pretty much ignore almost anything that airs on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox from that list apart from maybe Gotham.

(Sanchez ) #78

Hannibal is on NBC isnt it ?

Arrow ,flash , shield (maybe) ,hannibal ,Big bang T are the ones im interested in . Brand new tv shows might get a look in over the xmas break.

(Andy ) #79

ABC’s The River is quite good, but only has 1 season…

Why is it that they always cancel the good tv-shows and make multiple seasons of crap tv-shows/reality tv, i was so sad when Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles got cancelled.

(Fatmanp) #80

I liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles as well. The 3rd season was set up to be epic as well.

Thats why I say don’t bother with US Network TV. 99% of it is poo and the 1% that is good gets cancelled because most Americans cannot follow a plot line that run for more than 2 episodes.

(Sanchez ) #81

Forgot about that show (the river) that was really good

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Not sure if im happy about that.