TV Show thread

(Sam Hather) #84

Personally reckon Vaughn will smash it. It’s the new director that i’m more worried about tbh.

(Adam) #85

I really don’t like that. The first season was so good because of how strong Harrelson and McConaughey are as actors. I’m not saying Vaughn and Farrell are bad actors, I just don’t think they have anywhere near as much weight as the other two do. That said I’ll still be giving it a watch and I’ll probably end up eating my words.

(Gavin Rainey) #86

Not saying you dont, but go and look through Vince Vaughns acting history he has done so many great roles

We shall see about the irish however

(Adam) #87

I feel like he’s done an equal amount of terrible roles too though. Too many weak romcoms. Hopefully he can get away from all that for this series.

(Gavin Rainey) #88

Judge not on what someone has done, but what they will do…

(Mark Dornan) #89

Anyone having doubts about Vaughn , rest assured he plays a psycho/2edgy4m3 role to perfection, that of course is if he is playing the type of role Mcconaughey played in the previous TD, however the Irish one is a different story, it all depends on whether he brings the A game.

(Fatmanp) #90

Vince Vaughn is a great actor he just plays the same roles over and over. I won’t comment on Colin Farrell as I have only ever seen him in two films (Daredevil and In Bruges).

Just purchased Arrow season 1. Thoroughly enjoying it.

(Sam Hather) #91

Yeah Vaughn is great he’s just been getting himself by on shitty scripts because of the easy cash-in I reckon,but think he’ll excel in a serious role like this one. Not sure what to make of Farrell, he’s great in In Bruges though.


Some news right there man. Looking forward to the new season, will definitely be interesting to see how this turns out. They have their work cut out for them.

(Gazza) #93

Feel like im the only person who didnt get into the hype of true detective. It was great and that but not as good as i saw everyone hyping it up to be. But will be looking forward to the next season two good actors there.

(Gavin Rainey) #94

Went over your head @Gazza stick to league of legions

(Gazza) #95

it was good but overhyped

(Paul Corkin) #96

So gotham pilots next week i believe, anyone looking forward to it?

(Sanchez ) #97

I watched this last night , completely ruined by continuity errors .Its horrific and it spoils the show .

You will see what i mean .

(Gazza) #98

anyone been keeping up with the last season of sons of anarchy?

(Mark Dornan) #99

Yer tis building up to an bloody end.

(Paul Corkin) #100

Damn was looking forward to it.

(Sanchez ) #101

I am watching the next episode just to see if they explain it .

(Sanchez ) #102

I watched this last night .

Well two episodes , not amazing but not terrible either . Imagine a 200 yr old sherlock holmes thats getting stalked by Tutankhamen .

(jbssteve) #103

Anyone Been watching Gotham? any good?