TV Show thread

(Andy ) #104

I’ve watched the first 2 episodes, so far so good.

Anyone watched Lucy? Just watched and it was pretty good, if anyone wants a link to a stream to watch in dvd quality… pm me.


dvd quality? pfff that’s so 2002

(Paul Corkin) #106

Seen what you mean’t with Gotham but willing to give it a shot anyway for a few more eps. Arrow Season 3 starts back wednesday night.

(Fatmanp) #107

Supernatural is back and The Flash starts up as well.

(Paul Corkin) #108

Looking forward to The Flash, i just hope it lives up to The Arrow in some ways.

(Lewis) #109

I saw the leaked version of The Flash pilot and it was decent. Definitely much better than Arrow.

(Gavin Rainey) #110

Loving Trailer Park Boys.

I don’t really like comedy, BBT, HIMYM, Friends, anything like that really however this shit is incredible.

(Sanchez ) #111

Currently watching True detective on lunch because well @Easy has been bugging me about it since forever .

Watched the flash and supernatural season pilots last nite

The flash was way better than expected especially the CGI , which coming from arrow was a shocker.

Supernatural , well more of the same hopefully they kill them both at the end of this season

(Andy ) #112

A lot of good tv-shows that have started again, sweet.

-American Horror Story
-The Vampire Diaries
-The Originals
-The Walking Dead
-The Blacklist
-Agents of Shield

(Rob Thomas) #113

(Andy ) #114

10/10 would bang all three.

(Gazza) #115

dam walking dead was actually good. Surprised it didnt drag the story on and is actually going at a fast pace it seems.

(Fatmanp) #116

Agreed. Felt more like a season finale than a season premiere. Have to say that Homeland has been good now it has moved on from its other plot.

Sons of Anarchy is yet again wrecking everything else on tv through, I hope Kurt Sutter has a new show lined up for FX.

(Gavin Rainey) #117

He is so so so good.


Walking Dead. Hell yeah! Though some of the scenes where pretty grim, like watching liveleak. @Easy how does one do the spoiler thing, or has that not been added yet?

(Greg) #119

**Slight spoilers for Homeland/Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been laughable at some points, (If Mr.Batsman had been a lefty, the firework etc).

Homeland I’ve been enjoying, but they have to keep that baby out of the show now, pretty useless keeping it in.

Watched the flash pilot, that was okay, better than I expected.

I’m also very surprised with Person of Interest, stopped watching during Season 2 being aired but recently picked it back up and it’s been a lot better than a lot of currently airing shows these days. Actually has an interesting story once you get past the first seasons monster of the week style episodes.


haha I feel you on that firework rocket scene from episode one lol

Watched the first episode of Gold Rush (Season 5) yesterday. Fucking hate the retarded Hoffmans, love seeing everybody else though, pretty bummed the Dakota boys are not in it anymore for some reason.
Also watching the latest season of Yukon Men, will probably finish it tomorrow, as it’s only 7 episodes long.

(Gazza) #121

watched cape fear properly for the first time and god that film is crazy good. With how de niro is like a shadow of the main guy etc

realise this is wrong thread but meh might aswell talk about the feels of the latest sons of anarchy too

(Gazza) #122

got to say this season of walking dead is the best one yet shame it took this long to actually get good.


After seen the name pop up a few times in the TV threads, I decided to give Arrow a shot. Watched the first episode (barely). HOLY SHIT. I mean, maybe it’ll get better over time, but my God… it’s so cheesy. Those 40 minutes felt like an hour and a half. Rich man turns superhero, never seen that before, fuck your automatic weapons I have a bow, also I became a leet hacker while stranded on a deserted island ROFL. I don’t know… I’ll give it a few more episodes, but please somebody tell me it get’s better.