TV Show thread

(Ryan Roberts) #124

It’s terrible isn’t it? The smug twat runs around killing people then lectures the rest of the population not to murder others, not to mention he bangs just about every female cast member in the series - i’d say they are going for the anti-hero vibe, but he just comes across as a sleazy, hypocritical cunt. And to answer your question, no, no it doesn’t.

Best thing I’ve seen in a long time is Hannibal. Role on season three.

(Gavin Rainey) #125

Hannibal is good, oh yeah its good.

Excited for TD season 2, finishing Sons of Anarchy and the new Season of Justified.

(Lewis) #126

I could not stomach another episode of Arrow after watching the Pilot. It’s arguably one of the worst TV episodes I have EVER seen in my life. How it has a rating above an 8.0 on imdb I have absolutely no idea. I thought The Amazing Spiderman films were cringe, Arrow takes it to a whooooole 'nother level.

(Paul Corkin) #127

Arrow gets 1000x better in the second season, Judging something of one episode is kind stupid, no/

(Lewis) #128

The chances are in the second season it maintains the same level of cringe worthy acting used in the pilot episode, correct? Does the acting suddenly get less cheesier? Does the entire theme of the show change? Highly doubt it.

(Ryan Roberts) #129

I’ve watched season one (bought the box set and felt obliged to…), it’s a trash action drama trying to jump on this whole comic book hero trend that’s been successful for a while, I don’t blame them for doing it but they’ve not done it very well at all - the writing (both plot & dialogue) is poor at best and the acting is worse.

(Paul Corkin) #130

For me the second season was great, first i wasn’t a huge fan of the show but after the second i got into it a lot more but i guess thats just me.

(Sanchez ) #131

You know hannibal is more than just x2 good .

Its beautiful artistically and powerful verbally . Nothing better on TV , i even prefer it over BB.

(Gavin Rainey) #132

BB isn’t the #1 show ever though.

Just watch The Wire.

(Max Grkinic) #133

Just finished trailer park boys, would put it up there as my favourite comedy show ever. Amazing characters and just so fucking funny from start to end every single episode.

(Gavin Rainey) #134

Loved it to bits, roll on season 9

(Max Grkinic) #135

They are making season 9? DECENT

(Gavin Rainey) #136

Apparently January.

(Gazza) #137

that ending to sons of anarchy


So Arrow is pretty much dead to me I think, not watched a single episode of it since I last posted in here, despite having spent two full weeks at home being royally bored most of the time.

Watched the first two episodes of Constantine a few days back. This one really bummed me out. I was hoping it would be somewhat similar to the movie which I absolutely love, unfortunately nothing like it. Just feels way too low budget, writing is meh and JC himself is too damn English haha, just feels totally off even though some say it’s a better representation of the real JC from the comics (which I never read, so I don’t know/care), I really like the Keanu Reeves JC, cool, calm, intelligent, zero fucks, outsider-ish kinda guy. Basically this is another show that I won’t be following, sadly. [Don’t judge me for not having read Constantine, never read a comic book in my life, not really something that anyone I knew did growing up in the 90’s in Russia]

Now on the other side, I randomly decided to give New Girl a shot, just saw it trending in the downloads, so I thought why not. Glad I did. Really funny and uplifting.

(Adam) #139

Been watching the first Season of American Horror Story. 6 episodes in and I’ve started to really enjoying it. Evan Peters is way better in it than he was in X-Men and I really like the way they’ve done the love story between Tate and Violet. It’s pretty unique as far as TV series go.

(Sam Hather) #140

Absolutely loving How To Get Away With Murder atm. It fills a really niche gap between CSI show and actual gritty drama, which is nice because you don’t have to pay 100% attention all the time so it’s pretty decent to watch in a group!

(Gazza) #141

looking forward to this weeks episode of SOA and its not even out till next week… i guess because of thanksgiving? fuckin yanks :frowning:


I hate that they pull this shit on the regular, remember this being the case with Game of Thrones on the forth of July or something, anyway, the point is ITS FUCKING RETARDED.

(Sam Hather) #143

Started watching Gotham last week, on episode 7 now, I absolutely fucking love it, especially to say it’s quite a typical TV show with one underlying theme but different baddies every week. Really into the characters.