TV Show thread

(Paul Corkin) #144

Don’t mind it that much, but some of the acting is so cringy!

(Sam Hather) #145

Without a doubt! some is terribly bad haha

(Paul Corkin) #146

I thought Ben McKenzie would be better actor than he is in it. I’ll watch it either way simply because it’s gotham.

(Fatmanp) #147

Kurt Sutter is phenomenal. SOA runs the Shield extremely close. At it’s highest point it was definitely a superior show but the first three seasons let it down in comparison. Fantastic way to end the show.

(Max Grkinic) #148

Couldn’t agree more. Fantastic show. Couldn’t think of a better way to end it. It pulls on the emotions that you’ve developed over the season but after its over every fan of the show should see how it was the perfect way to end it. My top 1 show of all time.

(Paul Corkin) #149

Got finished with all Arrow eps till the mid season finale, kind weird how it ended, although pretty obvious what comes next.

(Nick) #150

Did anyone catch Black Mirror: White Christmas? Watched it over Christmas and thought it was really good.

(Sanchez ) #151

not if your my auntie or my friends that don’t know about the larger DC universe.

It was bloody good tv .

(Gavin Rainey) #152

Friends that dont know anything

(Sanchez ) #153

Obviously me and you long ascended to saiyan levels :wink:

(Paul Corkin) #154

The Blacklist, anyone watched it? Worth a watch or nah? Watched the Pilot, kind of like it.


(Andy ) #156

Has anyone already watched the new tv-show called 12 monkeys (based on the movie) the first 4 episodes are really good :smile:

(Paul Corkin) #157

Heard about it week or so ago, Have been meaning to watch it.

(Fatmanp) #158

Really enjoying it. Agent Carter is good aswell.

(Andy ) #159

Haven’t seen that yet, will check it out.

Just saw that Helix S2 has started aswell, anyone that hasn’t seen it yet should defo check it out.

(Gazza) #160

Nice start and ending to better call saul. Its looking a lot better than i thought it would be.

Walking dead was alright too

(Spankpaddle) #161

I have just gotten into Vikings. Its quiet good I think.

(Sanchez ) #162

Helix S2 is really weird , i think we have watched 2 or 3 episodes so far . I cant say i was impressed.

(Josh) #163

I powered out the first two seasons last week, I thought it was good. The new series is out soon I think.

Also looking forward to House of Cards S3 on the 27th.