TV Show thread


enjoying Better Call Saul so far

(Sam Hather) #165

Finished SOA last night.

Absolutely my favourite show I think, I don’t know why but I just loved Jax so fucking much, even though he was a very emotionally unstable person.

The ending was fantastic, they wrapped it all up really well. Although it was definitely sad.

I hope they do bring out ‘The First Nine’ like they plan to

(Gazza) #166

Just finished watching the first episode of season 2 of House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey is a god. That is all.

(Max Grkinic) #167

Just finished season 3 last night, fantastic show.


i can’t wait to start watching the new season


binge watched the new season of House of Cards in 2 days, oh the joys of having no social life. That ending… man I want more. On the topic of Netflix; also can’t wait for Orange is the new Black.

(Mark Dornan) #169

Watch Black Sails , swashbuckling porn with excellent story line.

(Max Grkinic) #170

Watched all of the new trailer park boys in one night. Best comedy show ever.


Really loving Better Call Saul, think it’s my second favorite running show atm. You guys have any thoughts on Fear the Walking Dead? Looks like Kim Dickens is one of the lead characters, I like that.

(Gazza) #172

better call saul has been really good. Also enjoyed the bit with trevor off gta lol


I have terrible memory, what Trevor bit?

(Gazza) #174

the guy who got hit in the throat

(Rob Thomas) #175

(Sanchez ) #176

Has anyone watched empire ? So much better than i expected , strangely its coming to E4 which i feel isnt the right place for it.

(Rob Thomas) #177

Anyone watched Daredevil? On episode 3 now, good so far.

(Adam) #178

On episode 3 as well, really enjoying it. Charlie Cox makes a great Murdock.

(Gazza) #179

wait last weeks better call saul was last of the season? wtf kind of ending was that :frowning:

(Fatmanp) #180

Agreed. Best episode of Saul was the one about Mike’s backstory.

(Gazza) #181

Hannibal has now joined deadwood rip :frowning: its a sad day

but seriously they just cancelled it no season 4 :frowning:


(Rob Thomas) #182


(Gazza) #183

its ok we won two league games