Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Van Slab) #1

Use this thread to discuss the latest update of the Street Fighter 4 series.

(Van Slab) #2

that Super

(Josh) #3

I loved playing Rolento back in the day, what a beast.

(Dean) #4

Might actually pick this up if others will. I enjoyed watching that fighting tournament with you at Peet at i51.

(Rob Thomas) #5

Same for me.

Only thing I’m looking forward to with this version.

(Adam) #6

Poison’s the reason I’ll be getting this.

(Dean) #7

Does this come with free jars of colors? I’m totally down for this now.

(Rob Thomas) #8

You would be getting it for the trap.

(Adam) #9

Needs more cat ears.

(Gaskin) #10

Will be getting this. I’m not great at fighting games but love following em.

(Lethal) #11

I’ll definitely give this a bit of a bash safe.

(Peter Woodberry) #12

I just can’t wait for charge Cammy to be top tier!

(Van Slab) #13

Updated with a few videos

@Noodle look out for AE2012 on steam usually drops to around £4 during sales

(Josh) #14

Fuck that spiral arrow slutwhore!

(Van Slab) #15

(Van Slab) #16

PS3/360 4th June release for digital upgrade yer

(Van Slab) #17

(Peter Woodberry) #18

Getting so hyped for the changes.

Learning T Hawk seems to be good since apparently his walk speed is gonna be similar to Akuma’s!

(Gavin Rainey) #19

Lots and lots of options, Chun Li is getting buffed inb4 quads of peace.

(Scott Miles) #20

Anyone who is getting this on Xbox add “Supa Shock” and we’ll get an endless going to test out the new characters and changes. Got about 3 people atm.