Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Rob Thomas) #181

Yeah it’s still a hard link to do so people can just mash SPD’s or DP’s if they think you’re gonna fuck up.

(Luka) #182

is there any other normals that link after the axe kick? i’m able to do it now but i find that online, 1 framers are too unreliable for max damage punish combos

(Rob Thomas) #183

I’ve always found cr.lk to be easier. No idea how many frames it is though.

(Scott Miles) #184

After M.Axe kick you want to do crouching LP online.

(Luka) #185

how much does it effect damage like 20 or something?

(Peter Woodberry) #186

Not even that I would say without looking it up.

(Rob Thomas) #187

They should maybe try fixing the fucking game before releasing shit like this.

(Luka) #188

some guy made a mod with similar properties and said it was really easy to do, it wouldn’t be free if it was hard to make

(Van Slab) #189

Tokyo Game Show

Tournament starts - 01:18:00

Daigo vs Nemo Exhibition - 04:00:00

Top 8 - 04:21:00

(Rob Thomas) #190

The god.

(Van Slab) #191


(Van Slab) #192

The Fall Classic next weekend

times are -5 bst

(Rob Thomas) #193

Got bored and decided to play some ranked. Currently 9-1 and beat the 54th Rose online.

Blanka OP.

Edit: I’m the best.

Edit 2: Why does everyone online play Poison and why are they all bad?

(Matt) #194

(Van Slab) #195

(Rob Thomas) #196

Snake Eyez is a God, he has foosties perfected. He made Xian look like he didn’t know how to play SF.

(Van Slab) #197

(Rob Thomas) #198

New patch out today fixes the netcode problems.

Praise the Cashcom.

(jbssteve) #199

hurrah, Omega mode too which looks cool !

(Rob Thomas) #200

Pretty sure Omega mode is coming out at a later date.