Ultra Street Fighter IV

(jbssteve) #201

ahhh yeah i derped just saw it on the steam hub all in one title originally so thought it was out now.so yeah later this year, at least netcode is sorted.

(jbssteve) #202


these are pretty cool, they do ball tops aswell

(Rob Thomas) #203

Just beat the number 10 Seth.

I am literally the best.

(Luka) #204

i hope for more blog updates soon

(Rob Thomas) #205

I’ll set up a tumblr and twitter account soon as well.

(jbssteve) #206

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01MbtYQF_7w&list=UUETRgczuQWBCsvBJzMavFEQ stumbled across this today … godlike

(Gavin Rainey) #207

so so nice to see Oni executed well.

(Peter Woodberry) #208

omh is the best Oni in the UK, hes a fucking monster.

(Gavin Rainey) #209

It seems his oni is highly ranked online too (or was at the time)

(Luka) #210

for anyone who missed nlbc last night, this shit was fucking hilarious

(Anthony) #211

Oh my that is brilliant.

(Van Slab) #212

i also enjoyed Sp00kys review of FF8

(Van Slab) #213

Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals

(Rob Thomas) #214

I need that Cammy costume.

(jbssteve) #215

Thats awesome. That hakan one is pretty cool too.

(Luka) #216

that is the gayest shit ive ever seen

(Rob Thomas) #217

Is it though? Is it really?

(Breese) #218

Street Fighter 4 Furry Edition

(Van Slab) #219

USFIV Top 8 up after Marvel

(Peter Woodberry) #220

Desk isn’t human I’m convinced.

I didn’t even watch half the combos just how clean his hands are with EVERY input.