Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Josh) #221

Vile…I just mash the button combo till what I want to do comes out lol. I would love to be that precise with timings.

(Rob Thomas) #222

I had to turn it off after a while coz it made me feel bad about myself.

(Matt) #223

my combos look like a retard trying to jerk off a doorknob.

(Peter Woodberry) #224

There will be plenty of USF4 being played at LAN. I’ll actually remember my stick this time :stuck_out_tongue:

(Van Slab) #225

(jbssteve) #226


heres the result of this. Dudley and ryu costumes are my fav from this. No date confirmed for the release of this patch yet though. Also finally the addition of ae character trials (and poison , Hugo, elena, rolento for ultra).

(Van Slab) #227

NEC this weekend


(Van Slab) #228

(Matt) #229

Fucking amazing tournament. Literally so much went into that.

£500k FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

(Van Slab) #230

Some of the matches were so good

Need to get round to watching top 3 sometime

(Matt) #231

Top 3 wasn’t THAT interesting tbh.

PR Rogs games were easily the best

(Van Slab) #232

Hypespotting is a premier event this year. Same weekend as i54

(Gavin Rainey) #233

Always the same fucking weekend with the fighting game events

I’d have loved a wee trip up to scotland

the prize is 500k this year ye?

(Van Slab) #234

(Gavin Rainey) #235

he went off considering he usually flops at intnl events

(Van Slab) #236

Capcom Cup this Sunday one of the last big USFIV events

6:30 PM: Opening Ceremony
6:30 PM: Ultra Street Fighter IV Top 32 to Top 16
10:00 PM: Analyst Desk
10:30 PM: Ultra Street Fighter IV Top 16 to Top 8
1:30 AM: Analyst Desk / Break
2:30 AM: Ultra Street Fighter IV Top 8
5:30 AM: Awards Ceremony / Closing