Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Rob Thomas) #21

Cammy so OP she doesn’t even let them build enough meter for their ultra.

(Van Slab) #22

Ultra top 8 at UFGTX

(Adam) #23

Everyone should watch this.

I was blown away by how good it is. Expected to only watch one episode but ended up watching all 12 in one go.

(Gavin Rainey) #24

So despite from being over here and having limited practise compared to the US and Asia (I know he flies out but thats days at a time) Ryan Hart has won every SF4 major he has been to in the USA, out side of EVO. Props! Makes me want to play Sagat

(Rob Thomas) #25

Ryan “Always pick top tier” Hart.

I think the only top tier character I’ve never seen him play is Cammy. The guy’s really good, I just don’t like him.

(Gavin Rainey) #26

Harry went to Korea with him and I met him at SVB one year and lost to him on MK9.

He is okay, I dont know him so well but I am happy he is repping the UK.

I think he is unsure about Sagat in Ultra now, is he only A tier now, not S+ or Jesus tier like in Vanilla?

(Rob Thomas) #27

Nothing will ever be as good as Jesus Sagat.

(Gavin Rainey) #28


(Scott) #29

i kinda want to get back into this but i sold my stick, and they’re super expensive now. oh well.

(Josh) #30

I sold my stick on ebay this week for like £60…that was for a Mad Catz Fightstick Pro. I would suggest going on ebay for one.

(Van Slab) #31

You guys havin a chortle ?

AE is 3.74 on steam at minute for anyone that doesn’t have it

(Rob Thomas) #32

Ultra’s out on XBL.

New Ken can suck my dick though.

(Gavin Rainey) #33

Is he OP OP?

(Rob Thomas) #34

He’s kinda just like Akuma but does a bit less damage.

(Peter Woodberry) #35

I need an xbox so bad T_T

(Peter Woodberry) #36

Struggling against Elena atm, have no idea what she does so I always get hit by her 50/50’s.

Really enjoying playing Yang even though hes still pretty ass, I wanna put some time into Rolento as well he looks so sick.

(Josh) #37

Was watching Ryan Heart streaming last night a bit, he was in training mode with Rolento trying to work some stuff out, he can do some dirty looking stuff.

(Scott) #38

someone sell me a stick

(Josh) #39

Literally sold mine on eBay like past week :frowning: £60 for an as new fightstick pro. I imagine you could pick one up for similar

(Van Slab) #40

Thoughts so far

Rose beats Hugo