Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Scott Miles) #41

Standard game vs Rob.

(Rob Thomas) #42

Empty jump into lows too good.

(Peter Woodberry) #43

But Rob Rose is godlike in Ultra how did you lose!

(Rob Thomas) #44

Never played an Akuma that can actually do the flow chart properly.

(Peter Woodberry) #45

The flowchart was strong tbh.

(Josh) #46

(Anthony) #47

I really enjoyed watching the tournament inbetween CSGO games at dreamhack.

Playing ultra over the weekend I couldn’t notice the Ibuki changes but then again I haven’t played SF4 in ages. I really want to get a stick again to get back into playing but they are so expensive everywhere.

(Josh) #48

Sold mine for £60 not long ago on Ebay, was a fightstick pro. Can pick one up for similar money I imagine, or if you want new wait for a tournament and then use one of the epic discount codes they always have up.

(Scott) #49

it seems like the discounts are always us only, it really sucks. i think if we’re super lucky we might get a uk deal at evo, but it’s not 100%. there hasn’t been one for £60 on ebay in the last week either. :confused: i hope one pops up for £60 soon cuz i ain’t paying more than that since they are £60 brand new during the sales (fightstick pro that is)

(jbssteve) #50

Yeah see I got a madcatz tournament edition 2 stick and when there were some they were like £100+ thankfully I had a friend who got a hori fighting edge so I bought it for around £60

(Anthony) #51


One on eBay for £100 but seller will accept £85 collected as it ends up more than asking price minus eBay, PayPal and postage fees.

Good deal? It’s only a few miles from me.

(jbssteve) #52

is that brand new for £85 or used ?

that was the one i got off a friend, it was about £100 brand new got it for £60 used but in decent condition.

looks like a nice stick though

(jbssteve) #53

for any interested in getting ultra on pc its now available for pre-order as digital download or individually, although it wont be out till august.

(Anthony) #54


It’s that or get a second hand hori for £34-40.

(jbssteve) #55

hmmm whats the hori stick you are looking up

the same stick that i have is up on ebay, got put up last night no buy now but current bids are around £10

the one that you found looks like a good one anyway so if you can get that for £85 i think thats a good deal

(Scott) #56

£85 is okay for a fightstick pro new. i got mine in dec 2012 for £60 brand new from gameshark when they were doing them for half price. idk if they do that deal anymore so it’s probably not worth waiting for it.


this is an okay deal as well. all sanwa parts. i would probably only pay £60 for that as well but i’m not sure how reliable those sticks are.

(Gavin Rainey) #57

With the way the prices are now build your own

(Luka) #58

best stick right here

(Scott) #59

i would fucking love to do that but i’m no good at that type of stuff :x

(Gavin Rainey) #60

It is mostly modular IIRC, wouldnt be too hard to be honest.