Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Luka) #61

just realized you posted the same one as i did. i’ve owned 2 sticks (mad catz TE something and this one), the hori one was way more reliable and i’ve been using it for like 2 years without any issues. the only issue is that the casing on the back of the stick that houses the cable when it’s not in use can come loose and fall off randomly if you piss about with it a lot. other than that, the only better stick would be one you could make yourself or one of the newer more expensive hori sticks, imo.

(Gavin Rainey) #62


If youre going to spend ~100 get one from there^^

@rod has a qanba, best stick ive ever used

(Scott) #63

ya qanba’s are nice but if i was gonna spend £120+ i’d get a fighting edge for the hayabusa stick and kuro buttons. as nice as the qanba’s are, they’re still just sanwa parts which is exactly what you get in £60 fightstick pro’s. you’re just paying double the amount of the housing (not worth imo) and the fact it’s dual modded (again, not worth if you’re only playing on pc like me)

i totally want a fighting edge tho

(Luka) #64

how is “just sanwa parts” a bad thing at all?

would you prefer parts made in a factory in china?

(Scott) #65

no, reread my sentence. it’s “just sanwa parts” as in, the same sanwa parts that come in a £60 fightstick pro. you’re paying £130 for a qanba q4 that has the same parts as a £60 fightstick pro. the only difference is the housing and pcb, which imo, is not worth the extra £60-70.

my point is sanwa is sanwa and if you can get a sanwa stick for £60 (fightstick pro) i don’t see the point in paying any more than that. if it is worth it for you then awesome, i have no problem with that (i can see dual modding being super useful if you’re a console player) it’s just not for me.

(Scott) #66

soz for double post but for anyone buying ultra on pc, you can get 20% off at greenmangaming if you preorder it:

http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/games/action/ultra-street-fighter-iv-upgrade/ upgrade if you have ae on steam
http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/gb/en/pc/games/action/ultra-street-fighter-iv/ full game if you don’t

coupon: A5D6OC-SSP45E-FYUBTA

comes to £9.60 for the upgrade. not bad. coupon expires in on the 20th of june as well.

(Anthony) #67

I went ahead and bought this, seems like a good deal and I don’t want to spend too long looking around for a bargain.

This time I will hold onto my stick and not sell it, and I am going to make an effort to go to the Heart of Gaming arcade as it’s local to me.

EDIT - used that discount on Ultra to, thanks!

(Scott) #68

you sticking with ibuki ant or are you picking up another character? i’ve been wanting to learn evil ryu since i saw sako playing him so i might pick him up when i get a stick. watching pr rog’s stream has been really good as well since he mains eryu now.

(Anthony) #69

Just stick with Ibuki for the time being, I want to get good at the game first.

I wanted to learn Chun-Li on AE then stopped playing when I sold my stick.

(Josh) #70

I just ordered the upgrade too using that code thanks @Scott

I imagine I will still be a shitter XD

(Van Slab) #71

South East Asia Major

(Adam) #72

AE’s in the next Community Choice.
Gonna buy it then get the upgrade.

(Luka) #73

hope you’re all watching this

(Josh) #74

Yep, missed the end though. Who won?

I know the top however many were all JPN though.

(Gavin Rainey) #75

EG Momochi tore through the loser bracket and won with Ken

(Josh) #76

Ah k ty, he didn’t really look “that” strong when I saw him. Most of the games I watched were fucking close between everyone actually though. The standard is obviously silly high in Asia haha.

(Peter Woodberry) #77

Looks like Ryan Hart is going to EVO after all!


EVO is gonna be so sick I cant wait!

(Van Slab) #78

He tweeted about this earlier wondered who the sponsor was

Its also CEO this weekend m8

(Josh) #79

http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky - Battle circuit mofos

(Gavin Rainey) #80

The weekend of summer lan, there is a capcom pro tour event in birmingham.

I would say Prodigal son will be there to try and beat Problem X :smiley: