Ultra Street Fighter IV

(jbssteve) #81

The capcom pro tour will be stopping off at London at this years eurogamer , more details in the link below


(Rob Thomas) #82

Anyone got this on PC yet? Was trying it out earlier and there seems to be some input lag. Not sure if it’s just me or it’s the same for everyone.

(Gavin Rainey) #83

Will test when im at home

(Rob Thomas) #84

I changed a load of settings and it seems to have fixed it.

Also, if people want the SFxT costumes for Hugo, Poison etc… Just create this empty directory.

You’ll need to close Steam and SF then you’ll have the costumes.

(Peter Woodberry) #85

I’m getting micro stuttering and massive freezes online its unplayable :frowning:

(Van Slab) #86

(Josh) #87

I am wank at it and tbh the freezing makes it unplayable, even in just training :/. Might try a fresh install.

(Van Slab) #88

Yer Rose Ultra 1 too good

(Josh) #89

Is it fixed yet?

(Rob Thomas) #90

Doubt it, this is Cashcom we’re talking about.

(Josh) #91

I mean in the grand scheme of things the lag/stutters won’t make much difference to me getting raped every game online but it would be a better experience haha.

(Rob Thomas) #92

Yeah I understand, but Cashcom are notorious for taking their time fixing stuff.

(Peter Woodberry) #93

Played some earlier and it was decent, rekt the 10th best Balrog but that means nothing this early in the games release on PC :stuck_out_tongue:

(Van Slab) #94

(Josh) #95

Endless lobbies leggo!

(Rob Thomas) #96

Anyone want to play? I’m on TS if you do, just join the room.

(Anthony) #97

Do you even EX Neckbreaker?

(Josh) #98

You think you are some kind of neckbreaker lord?

(Van Slab) #99

ye dad

5 of us played a couple tournaments earlier

Would be nice to get some 8 mans going sometime

(Josh) #100

That tournament mode thing is pretty cool actually, its funny doing the random select char lock for the duration haha.