Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Van Slab) #101

@Freebird @Easy @Frosty

(jbssteve) #102

dont know how ranked is atm , want to play but the lag and freezing is not good , so probs stick to endless for now, apparently ranked and endless use different netcodes? cause everygame ive played in endless has been fine

ps am down for endless anytime just invite me , added quite a few of you guys but my steam is : BigDaddyJbs

(Van Slab) #103

Everyone up some for Endless/Tournament/Team Battle lobbies on Saturday/Sunday afternoons ?

@Freebird @Matt @TannerRob @Easy @SupaShock @An7 @Noodle @Lethal @Freebird @joebrown1177 @Frosty @Nyu @Steve @Scott @WoodchucK @The_Dice_man

(Josh) #104

Seeing as you put me in there twice I should probably say yes.

(Peter Woodberry) #105

I’m keeeeeeeeeen, will be streaming!

(Dean) #106

I don’t own the game haha. I keep getting invites all the time for it.

(Van Slab) #107

(Rob Thomas) #108

Yeah I’ll be up for it on Sunday.

(jbssteve) #109

yeah im down for it aswell

(Anthony) #110

In for endless on Sunday I’ll definitely be around late afternoon and all evening.

(Van Slab) #111

I’ll be on from around 15:30 on Sunday

(Paul Corkin) #112

Cheapest place to get this?

(Matt) #113

www.g2a.com might have a good price

Other than it’s Steam.

(Paul Corkin) #114

Do i need to buy SF4 Arcade edition then ultra? Noob iknow.

(Van Slab) #115

Peaceful first round

(Anthony) #116

Me and @Easy had an epic double KO yesterday!

Will upload to Youtube as soon as I can.

(Peter Woodberry) #117

That Hugo choked massive balls, props to you for the comeback Rodders.

(Anthony) #118

Has anyone used the upload to Youtube feature yet?

I keep trying to upload the double KO game between me and @Easy but it says “disconnected from Steam” on three attempts now at random % of upload completion and it fails.

(Van Slab) #119

Capcom Pro Tour - UK VS Fighting IV

(Luka) #120

what the heck is this quality