Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Peter Woodberry) #121

Pretty sure VS is held in Scotland where internet is still on Dial-Up.

(Anthony) #122

I thought it was in Birmingham.

(Van Slab) #123

yeryeryer it is

(Anthony) #124


(Gaskin) #125

Someone get some tournaments or battle lobbies on the go soon?

I’m pretty crap but can hold my own with Ken cause he’s OP.

(Luka) #126

im up for playing tonight if anyone else is on pc

(Peter Woodberry) #127

In the process of organising a tournament for this, just need to write it up and sort out a prize!

(Luka) #128

anyone want to play?

steamid is l2theuka_

(Scott Miles) #129

Me and Rob gonna start an endless now, just ask for an invite if you want to join :smile:

(Luka) #130

invite blease

whats ur steam

(Adam) #131

Spent way too much at LAN to be able to buy this :confused:

(Van Slab) #132

Shadowloo Showdown V top 8 tomorrow at 9am

(Rob Thomas) #133

Anyone want to play now? I’m bored.

(Rob Thomas) #134

Too good.

(Matt) #135

So I try to practice online and i’ve had 10 matches with THawks, one with E.Ryu and one with a Guile.

It’s like Dark Souls 2 havels all over again =[

(Luka) #136

is t hawk op or something

(Gavin Rainey) #137

Not really, he is just quite different from other grapplers in terms of how he gets in, and he is strong.

@Rod is a massive bitch, please take this into account.

he played rose since hour 0, and she became high tier, he picked up t hawk, he came 2nd in a major.

Rod sets trends.

Rod for Slab king

(Matt) #138

Yeah i’ve seen the big players saying that you can just use counter spire and win haha

Obviously a joke but, it is insane

(Luka) #139

why does everyone care about tiers so much

(Matt) #140

It only matters if you’re at top 128 evo level.

Some people just think it makes them better by default though.