Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Luka) #141

it doesn’t even matter if you’re top 128 evo, look at xian for example, everyone considered gen c-tier, maybe b-tier at best and he won the whole thing in 2013.

the only people that care about tiers are retarded manchildren like sanford, just play who u think is cool

(Matt) #142

haha, it does make a difference though. People just make it work like Mike Ross.

Melee is a great one for tier lists if you look at what it was when it was released, and that game hasn’t had any patches.

(Gavin Rainey) #143

People like to pretend it matters at the level most of us play at.

It only really matters up top where the execution is high, and they have matchup issues because of it

Gen isn’t considered b or c tier either and has some decent matchups with other players:


S+: Fei Long
S: Akuma, Cammy
S-: Adon, Yun, Oni, Sakura, Evil Ryu, Ibuki
A+: Seth, Sagat, C. Viper, Gen, Makoto, M. Bison, Ryu, Ken, Balrog, Juri


Within tiers, order does not matter. I renamed the letters to avoid writing “SS”
S+: Cammy, Akuma, Sakura, Adon, Fei Long
S-: Sakura, Adon, Fei
A+: Makoto, Seth, Gen, Ibuki, C. Viper

these are AE:2012 btw not Ultra, to be relevent to Xians win.

(Luka) #144

im talking about gen in ae 2012 here

(Gavin Rainey) #145

Just updated, they are AE2012 lists

(Van Slab) #146

(Luka) #147

yeah but tier lists are totally subjective depending on the player and what they think is cool

Kazunoko’s Tier list from Arcadia Magazine, Feb 2012:

S: Cammy, Fei Long, Seth, Adon
A: Ryu, Claw, Sagat, C. Viper, Rufus, Ibuki, Makoto, Juri
B: Ken, E. Honda, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Boxer, Dictator, Abel, Akuma, Sakura, Rose, Gen, Dee Jay, Dudley, Cody, Guy, Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni
C: Chun-Li, Blanka, El Fuerte, Gouken
D: Hakan, Dan

Overall balance is very good.
Best chars: Ryu, Akuma, Cammy
Twins are mid-tier.
Fei-Long is high-tier.
Seth and Sagat are high-tier but has bad match-ups.

Rest of the characters: characters other than - Chun-li, Dhalsim, Gouken, Rose, Gen, Dan, T-Hawk, Deejay, Guy, Hakan, Oni, and Evil-Ryu have potential to be high-tier.

Uryo’s Tier list:
Top: Akuma, Seth,
Abel, Makoto, Boxer, Claw, Sagat, Dictator, Guile, Rufus, Sakura, Cammy,
Adon, C. Viper, Fei Long, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Juri, Ken
Mid: E. Honda, Blanka, Gen, Evil Ryu, Oni, Ryu, Yun, Yang, Ibuki
Bottom: Zangief, El Fuerte, Gouken, Rose, Dan, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, Guy, Dudley, Hakan

(Gavin Rainey) #148

The players and who they play more than who they think is cool.

Do you have the bracket Xian had to beat to win Evo 2013 handy?

My references are from just before ultra btw, not 2012 ffs

I will look now


  1. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen)

  2. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)

  3. Infiltration (Akuma, Hakan)

  4. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog, Fei Long)

  5. TEAM HORI|sako (Evil Ryu, Ibuki)

  6. Haitani (Makoto, Rufus)

  7. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu)

  8. AVM|GamerBee (Adon)

  9. AGE|SnakeEyez (Zangief)

  10. CafeId|Poongko (Seth)

  11. QANBA|Dakou (Cammy, Fei Long, E.Honda)

  12. Laugh (Ryu)

  13. AGE|Wolfkrone (C.Viper)

  14. Kazunoko (Yun)

  15. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus)

  16. RZR|Latif (C.Viper)

  17. WL|Chris King (Vega)

  18. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose)

  19. MCZ|Mago (Fei Long, Sagat)

  20. FNEX.EMP|KBrad (Cammy)

  21. QANBA|Xiao Hai (Cammy)

  22. Uryo (Sakura)

  23. Humanbomb (Sakura)

  24. Bonchan (Sagat)

  25. Veloc1raptor (Gouken)

  26. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long)

  27. YUBIKEN|KichijojiKEN (Ken)

  28. Misse (Makoto)

  29. Crizzle (C.Viper)

  30. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)

  31. Chris Hu (Oni)

  32. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)

Remaining matches will be best-of-5 games.


MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) vs. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen) – 0-3


Infiltration (Akuma) vs. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) – 1-3


MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) vs. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen) – 1-3


Infiltration (Akuma, Hakan) vs. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog) – 3-2


TEAM HORI|sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu) vs. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen) – 2-3
EG|PR Balrog (Fei Long, Balrog) vs. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) – 0-3


Infilitration (Akuma) vs. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu) – 3-1
Haitani (Makoto) vs. AVM|GamerBee (Adon) – 3-2

Infiltration (Akuma) vs. TEAM HORI|sako (Ibuki) – 3-1
Haitani (Makoto) vs. EG|PR Balrog (Balrog) – 0-3


AVM|GamerBee (Adon) vs. TEAM HORI|sako (Ibuki) – 0-2
QANBA|Dakou (E.Honda, Fei Long) vs. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen) – 0-2
MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) vs. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu) – 2-1
Infiltration (Akuma) vs. EG|PR Balrog (Fei Long, Balrog) – 1-2


AGE|Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs. AGE|SnakeEyez (Zangief) – 0-2
Laugh (Ryu) vs. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus) – 2-1
CafeId|Poongko (Seth) vs. Kazunoko (Yun) – 2-0
RZR|Latif (C.Viper) vs. Haitani (Makoto) – 1-2

AGE|SnakeEyez (Zangief) vs. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu) – 0-2
Laugh (Ryu) vs. Infiltration (Akuma) – 1-2
AVM|GamerBee (Adon) vs. CafeId|Poongko (Seth) – 2-0
Haitani (Makoto) vs. QANBA|Dakou (Cammy) – 2-1


AVM|GamerBee (Adon) vs. Uryo (Sakura) – 2-1
WW.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) vs. DM.MCZ|Xian (Gen) – 1-2
EG|PR Balrog (Balrog) vs. WL|Chris King (Vega) – 2-0
TEAM HORI|sako (Evil Ryu) vs. QANBA|Xiao Hai (Yun) – 2-0
MCZ|Tokido (Akuma) vs. FNEX.EMP|KBrad (Cammy) – 2-0
Humanbomb (Sakura) vs. QANBA|Dakou (Cammy) – 0-2
Bonchan (Sagat) vs. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu) – 0-2
Infiltration (Ryu) vs. Kazunoko (Yun) – 2-0


Veloc1raptor (Gouken) vs. AGE|SnakeEyez (Zangief) – 0-2
EG|Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long) – 2-0
AGE|Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs. YUBIKEN|KichijojiKEN (Ken) – 2-0
Poongko (Seth) vs. Misse (Makoto) – 2-1
Laugh (Ryu) vs. Crizzle (C.Viper) – 2-0
MCZ|Mago (Sagat) vs. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) – 2-0
Chris Hu (Oni) vs. RZR|Latif (C.Viper) – 0-2
Haitani (Makoto) vs. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu) – 2-0

AGE|Wolfkrone (C.Viper) vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy (Rose) – 2-0
AGE|SnakeEyez vs. Humanbomb – off-stream
EG|Justin Wong (Rufus) vs. QANBA|Xiao Hai (Cammy) – 2-0
Laugh vs. Uryo – off-stream
MCZ|Mago (Fei Long) vs. Kazunoko (Yun) – 0-2
CafeId|Poongko (Seth) vs. WL|Chris King (Vega) – 2-1
FNEX.EMP|KBrad (Cammy) vs. Haitani (Makoto) – 0-2
RZR|Latif vs. Bonchan – off-stream


WW.MCZ|Ryan Hart (Sagat) vs. ET (Fei Long) – 2-0
Infiltration (Akuma) vs. NGL.MCZ|Marq Teddy (Guy) – 2-0
MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs. Crizzle (C. Viper) – 2-0
RemyBleu (Yun) vs. Qanba|Dakou (Cammy) – 0-2
Haitani (Makoto) vs. Qanba|Xiao Hai (Cammy) – 1-2
Qanba|Xiao Hai (Cammy) vs. LU|Alex Valle (Ryu) – 2-1
LLL|Momi (Fei Long) vs. AGE|SnakeEyez (Fei Long) – 0-2
MCZ|Mago vs. WDM.MCZ|Luffy – off-stream


NGL.MCZ|Chris (Ken) vs. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long) – 0-2
TS|Sabin vs. Mike Ross – off-stream
Laugh vs. Online Tony – off-stream
Rico Suave vs. Air – off-stream
LLL|Momi vs. Dogura – off-stream
TS|Sabin vs. CEO|Jebailey – off-stream
EG|Justin Wong vs. LPN – off-stream
VxG.EMP|Dieminion vs. EG|fl0E – off-stream
LLL|Momi vs. Keno – off-stream
TS|Sabin vs. Chris Hu – off-stream
Mago vs. EG|Ricky Ortiz – off-stream

(Gavin Rainey) #149

nailed it tho Sanford Kelly is a prick

(Matt) #150

Which is why Smug is the best, because he always bodies him

(Peter Woodberry) #151

!#duffcity Smug da best.

(Rob Thomas) #152

All tiers represent is which characters have more favourable match ups, they mean fuck all about if a character is good or not.

Hugo’s a prime example, he has a lot of terrible match such as Chun Li and Vega but he beats the Twins, one of which is considered the best character in the game.

(Gavin Rainey) #153

You just said what I failed to, good post.

(Anthony) #154

Ibuki #1 because of neckbreaker :slight_smile:

(Adam) #155

I wanna play as Decapre but I’ve never played charge characters…

(Peter Woodberry) #156

There’s tonnes of good content on youtube for charge characters, I can run you through some simple combos with you at somepoint too!

(Adam) #157

Yeah that’d be cool. Just trying to find a character I enjoy playing to be honest. Used to main Juri but I was bad. Between Decapre and Ibuki at the moment.

(Luka) #158

are you only capable of playing cute girls

if so then pick zangief

(Adam) #159

Not sure why fighting games even have male characters. Arcana Heart got it right.

(Gavin Rainey) #160

Going to enter the next few tournaments with Sagat