Ultra Street Fighter IV

(Rob Thomas) #161

Anyone want to play now?

(Adam) #162

So I’ve settled on Ibuki for now. Time to start watching YouTube videos.

(Anthony) #163

You need to buy her Kawaii costume.

(Adam) #164

Got both her costumes, still not kawaii enough.

(Luka) #165


(Luka) #166

get hype

(Matt) #167



(Van Slab) #168

Yer tickets were sold out about 2 months ago

(Matt) #169


(Luka) #170

ye well when he first started playing on pc he was on my friends list for over >>2 weeks<< so there

(Peter Woodberry) #171

I had Ryan Hart and all the other top UK players on my list when I was playing in AE.

(Rob Thomas) #172

How much did you have to pay?

(Peter Woodberry) #173

When you go to local tournaments and weekly casuals nothing :slight_smile:

(Rob Thomas) #174

Other than entry fees obviously.

(Gavin Rainey) #175

I shook Ryans limp hand after he bodied me on mk9

(Luka) #176

i dragged my balls through a valley of broken glass to hear daigo fart through a walkie talkie

(Matt) #177

Have you ever thought about writing erotic novels.

(Luka) #178

yes actually my first novel will be titled “50 shades of ayy lmao”

why cant i do evil ryu’s crouching mp after a light axe kick no matter how hard i try

(Rob Thomas) #179

Can’t combo after light axe kick unless you FADC, it has to be medium axe kick and even then it’s a 1 frame link.

(Luka) #180

thats probably why then fuck my life

normally i just end up doing st.hp->l.tatsu->h.shoryu because i know i’ll fuck up the axe kick shit if i have no meter