USF4 Endless lobby 31/08 19:00 (PC)

(Anthony) #1

Let’s get an endless going this Sunday from 19:00 (7pm BST)

Who’s in?

(Luka) #2

which video game are we talking about here

(Andy ) #3

(Dean) #4

USF4 - Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Something like that, its Street Fighter anyway).

How long is endless?

(Anthony) #5

Lay off bashing Luka, I edited the thread title after he posted :tropical_fish:

(Gaskin) #6

I’ll jump in at some point.

(Van Slab) #7

I’ll be on from about 5 on Sunday

(Lethal) #8

Might jump on around then safe.

(Dean) #9

Haha, I wasn’t bashing him I was just letting him know!

(Luka) #10

nigga the title was just “Endless lobby 31/08 19:00 (PC)” before he edited it

(Gavin Rainey) #11

Luka is right

@An7 you didnt even put it in the right category, and its 19:00 and only me and rod are here.

(Anthony) #12

Yeah I’m still at work… :frowning:

Too much pressure

(Lethal) #13

I was doing a car boot early this morning i fell asleep during this lol.

(Luka) #14

is anyone still gaming