Vanilla WoW

(Xenoscythe) #1

Its back baby! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Anyone want to adopt a child?


(Sam Hather) #2

don’t worry you’ll be waiting like 2 years anyway, plenty of time to get him kidnapped!

(Sam Hignett) #3

I know vanilla servers have been a big meme for a while, and that a lot of the naughty servers that were running it had a lot of players, but was vanilla that good? I only started playing in Burning Crusade so I never actually had that experience. Is a lot of it nostalgia and rose-tinted glasses? If not, what about it was so good that people have been asking for it for years and years? Personally my favorite expansion was Wrath, it just felt like an epic story and it was the one I played the most of.

(Fatmanp) #4

Ye I would appreciate if somebody would fill me in as to why this was such a requested feature? My only experience with Wow was about a week I put in earlier this year.

(Ben ) #5

Basicly stuff was hard back then. No hand holding. 40 man raids that required every one to work in harmony together if 1 failed you all failed. These days people are clearing content in weeks were as it would have taken months. Some guilds even down bosses on first weeks of release.

Levelling was harder and you could see the difference between people who had put time and effort into there character. Having epic loot was super rare, blues were rare and greens were good.

Basicly it wasn’t the easy mode it is these days. Levelling wise you can get a character to max level these days in a week blasting through content. Vanilla was an experience and a grind at times. People liked the grind. Reaching max level was an achievement.

I guess it was the sense of achievement you got from finnaly getting that drop or reaching that next goal. You don’t seem to get that in current WoW

(Dean) #6

Retail lets you log on and follow a story. Vanilla let you log on and create a story.

Currently, the game starts at 110. Everything you do before is pointless because you level up so quickly. There is no point putting more than 5 minutes into getting an item, because either you already have a heirloom or it’s replaced within minutes.

Vanilla the game started at level 1. You could happily do an hour long dungeon for a quest, because the reward would last you days of /played time. I’m currently level 51 on a private server, and sat at around 9 days /played. I haven’t felt like it was a slog at all, because there was always something to explore, or some group quest to fight through with a group of players.

The social aspect is like nothing in retail at all. You make a name for yourself and get remembered. Me and Tuto got asked quite a few times to tank and heal dungeons because people remembered us from the past when we did a run with them a week ago. Most people on retail can’t remember the name of the tank from the dungeon they ran 5 minutes ago, because it just doesn’t matter.

(Sam Hather) #7

I am quite looking forward to half the people who have been asking for vanilla to go back to playing vanilla and realise that actually a lot of the QoL changes made the game better

(Sam Hignett) #8

Did Blizzard say anything about the vanilla version having any QoL changes or is it “pure” vanilla?

(Sam Hather) #9

nah nobody knows owt yet!

(Dean) #10

Don’t think you’ll find anyone who thinks every QoL change was bad. There were some great ones. But LFG and CRZ did the opposite.

@SamHiggy They are planning on recreating the experience as close as they possible can. Was mentioned in an interview they did.