What Are You Currently Listening To Thread

(Dean) #181

Just re-found this banger of a track on one of my old laser disc things

(Xenoscythe) #182

Plz dont, youll have me resubbing to wow to play fury warrior.

(Sam Hather) #183



Saw them in '09, so damn good xD

(Sam Hather) #185

aye i’ve seen em a few times! saw their last ever live gig and never thought i’d get to see em again. So happy

(Xenoscythe) #186

Speaking of

(Sam Hather) #187

Every single song is fucking class.

Can’t wait to see em again

@Noodle ur coming with me and we can butt stuff after

(...) #188

Genuinely, if you go to a reunion gig, lemme know. One of my first raves I remember was pendulum at Brixton academy…first time me and my bro openly shared pills. I will see them again and be even more train wrecked!

(Sam Hather) #189

Shall do mate… I’ll 100% be going if they play anywhere in Europe. Don’t care where. Will be dragging @Noodle with me anyway.

(Dean) #190

But fuck Pendulum. Caspa and Rusko. Back. To. Fucking. Back.

(Sam Hather) #191

Dj set though… That changes lemme know cos I’ll buy a ticket

(Ben ) #192

Dubstep central fuck that not a fan of pendulums newer stuff!

(Dean) #193


(...) #194

(Sam Hather) #195

10/10 album for me

(Gavin Rainey) #196

@Smidsy https://pro.beatport.com/release/cobra-testify/1725850

(Ben ) #197

Nice! Cobra is a big track that Testify track is weak!

(Gavin Rainey) #198

I agree

(Rob Thomas) #199

(Sam Connolly) #200

Not the biggest Axl fan but he pulls this off really well. Looks like he’s the frontman for the remaining AC/DC gigs as well, since Brian Johnson has been warned he’ll go deaf if he continues touring.