What Are You Currently Listening To Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #421

why is warowl the thumbnail there?

(Xenoscythe) #422

Hi I’m Joyner Lucas and i still have no closer.

(DayC) #423

Sunday’s a day to put the classics on


(Sam Hather) #425

(Dean) #426

(Sam Hather) #427

Goes off on the dancefloor this one my man!!

What do you think of the new Skrillex one? I kind of like it and hate it at the same time, it’s weird.

(Dean) #428

I like that, mad Jack Ü influence in it.

(Sam Hather) #429

It sounds like it’s been quite influenced by this tbh

(Rob Thomas) #430

(Ben ) #431

I played this as my first tune at Balter Festival. I took over from some one playing jungle so it set the energy nice on the drop