What Are You Currently Listening To Thread

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OG Shit right here

(DayC) #164

This is what I imagine @Easy is like when he hits an ace.

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(Rob Thomas) #167

(DayC) #168

Not to everyone’s taste but Giggs goes in.


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(DayC) #173

Chip stirring up shit again…

(Gavin Rainey) #174

I didn tknow how Yungen was gonna go in there, I listened to chips today and thought it was good.

Chip will reply quickly though I think.

Have you heard Lowkeys chip diss? he ended him for years

(DayC) #175

I thought Chip murdered Bugzy and Tinie on the string of previous diss tracks but this one take was a bit tame. Tbh nobody has lived up to Ghetts on that track. You’re right though he’ll respond quick and I think he’s actually better at responding tbh, never runs out of bars.

I hadn’t mate but just listened to it. Lowkey is really good but it always feels like he’s not aggressive enough on his tracks, has this mellow vibe even when talks. Was this from back when the MTV Base list was published and caused a lot of controversy? I’d heard his top 1 selected response but not the diss track.

(DayC) #176

You wern’t kidding @Easy

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Fucking love MJ