Whispers of the Old Gods - Announcement Cards

(DayC) #1

Hi all, i’ve put together a small article on my thoughts on the initial announcement cards for Whispers of the Old Gods on Brewmasters Tavern. I know more have been released and I will be updating the site in due time but it’ll be staggered as I flesh out the Hearthstone section of SSRCG. Currently the majority of conversation is stuck in the Ranked Discussion thread so i’m just looking to divide the conversation up into more manageable chunks.

Article Link Nothing too extensive for now, opinions of these cards encouraged!

(Gavin Rainey) #2

There are some new cards now:

Ancient shieldbearer (Warrior) and C’Thun’s merchant

(Van Slab) #3

Really like this, if only it was neutral

(DayC) #4

Is it an April fools though? Be wary, Firebat’s video wasn’t overly serious :stuck_out_tongue: It also doesn’t look like Pally art.

(Dean) #5

Shit I never thought of April fools. I thought that was a banger of a card, got excited for Murloc Paladin then.

(Van Slab) #6

Totally a legit card

pally art ja

(Gavin Rainey) #7

bbrode confirmed its legit

(DayC) #8

Laughing is Ben Brode’s speciality. April memes day is his favourite day of the year. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. Confirmed fake.

(DayC) #9

Confirmed real: http://www.hearthstonetopdecks.com/cards/thing-from-below/

(DayC) #10

Seriously well synergised card in Warrior.

(DayC) #11

potential leaked release date!

(DayC) #12

Echo Mage take a seat

(Lethal) #13

Lol looks like I’ll be playing Warrior more often. I’ve always enjoyed playing Warrior the most but I’ve tried many different decks and haven’t found one which is consistent enough to make me stick by it.

(DayC) #14

Warrior is my favourite class in the game because of its capability to basically store health in the form of armor. The two biggest decks are Patron and Legend Control which are both very consistent and good in their own ways.

Obviously this will change towards the end of the month but keep an eye on here as i’ll be brewing a lot of warrior stuff and posting it up :slight_smile:

(Lethal) #15

Nice I’ll keep a look out. I’ve tried a mix of patron and hybrid decks but I haven’t had the chance to give legend control a bash. I’ll wait until the new cards are released.

Anyone buying a shit load soon as it comes out?

(DayC) #16

I will be, i’ve got my pre-ordered 50 packs waiting for me. I think @Prio is getting me some for my birthday and then payday is just after release assuming the leaked date is correct so i’ll be swimming in cards mate :wink: How about yourself?

(Lethal) #17

I’ll be doing the same. Have 3K+ gold on the get go as well.

(Ryan Roberts) #18

I was about to post a little rant about how Rogue always seems to get the bum deals on card announcements for expansions…, but then I noticed Mage, Hunter & Warlock only have a couple so far…

(Van Slab) #19

Rogue already has Conceal for the 9/9 ancient dudes

(Lethal) #20

Nice display picture m8