Whispers of the Old Gods - Announcement Cards

(Dean) #21

There must be a way to get the minion cost down and faceless it in the same turn, I just haven’t had time to work out how since I don’t know the cards.

(Van Slab) #22

Emperor coin(tomb pillager) faceless with 9/9 guy, faceless and conceal in hand

easy dads easy shags

(Dean) #23

Jesus faceless the 30/30 guy and conceal. That’s like instant win condition. I expect you to achieve this Rodney.

(Van Slab) #24

Oh shit I’m sorry conceal is not necessary blood the of the ancient one activates at the end of your turn

(Gavin Rainey) #25


(DayC) #26

Lightbomb rotates with standard. The only thing I can see taking a concealed Blood of the Ancient One is an Equality combo from a pally. That said this is a classic case of “dies to removal”, player rushes out double Blood in a turn, trigger activates end of turn and you should have an answer/be able to win off the tempo loss on their part.

In other news, Hunter gets another garbage card

(Xenoscythe) #27

That card is amazing

5/4 with taunt, 5/2 with charge and 2/4 is mental

12/10 stats with taunt charge and board presence for 8 mana, nuts.

Value hunter inc.

(Ryan Roberts) #28

Imagine if you get a 2 cost release the hounds (thaurissan) on the board too.

(DayC) #29

I want to play on the ladder you two are playing on!

(Dean) #30

It’s easy to get there you just need to be higher than rank 19

(DayC) #31


(DayC) #32

A few more cards.

First a warlock legend

and second, the big man himself. Yogg-Saron

(DayC) #33

(Dean) #34

Is that wisps a Druid card or a neutral? I can see that having some use in face decks to just straight up end the game at turn 7.

(Ryan Roberts) #35


(DayC) #36

Yeah it’s druid, it’s based on the GvG card Dark Wispers by the looks of things. Punny names.

(DayC) #37

Really excited about the Shaman stuff so far, a class that has needed love for a long time!

(DayC) #38

KR Battle Net supposedly claims that the higher rank of wild and standard will be shown to your friends.

(Dean) #39

Who needs to read the news or Reddit when you have DayC

(Ryan Roberts) #40

New Rogue spell, a bit slow if I’m honest. Not sure why you would use this over ‘gang up’…