Whispers of the Old Gods - Announcement Cards

(DayC) #41

All the Rogue draw spells seem to have their advantages and disadvantage. Gang up requires you (or an opponent) to have an existing creature on the field so it actually costs more than it appears if you want to set it up yourself and only gains you card advantage of 1. The cost of Gang up entirely depends on the cost of the minion you play but you get the advantage of choosing what creature you want to make copies of which makes it a bit more powerful.

Another card to consider is Burgle. High RNG chance, gains you 1 card advantage but is also kind of limited and highly dependent on the class you’re facing.

Thistle Tea costs more more all in one go and has more of an RNG aspect but you get 2 card advantage. Thistle Tea also only puts you 1 card closer to fatigue unlike Sprint which puts you 4 closer, it leaves options in your deck and can potentially replicate very strong cards.

I’m unsure whether I think this is a good card yet but it’s certainly a very interesting way of drawing cards.

(DayC) #42

(Ryan Roberts) #43

Raptor rogue is shaping up nicely.

(DayC) #44

Honestly hoping rogue and shammy will take over the ladder a bit, they need some love.

(DayC) #45

(DayC) #46

The Dragon Master revealed a new card yesterday. Feels a little bit narrow but if you kick it off the pay off is insane.

(Van Slab) #47

The return of freeze priest

(DayC) #48

Mage picks up a couple of really decent cards. That power on Faceless Summoner though…

(DayC) #49

Rogue getting some serious attention at the moment.

Hunter gets a new card, seems like a big card for face hunter in wild!

Forlorn Stalker
Class: Hunter
Rarity: Rare
Mana: 3
Attack: 4
Health: 2
Text: Battlecry: Give all minions with Deathrattle in your hand +1/+1.

(DayC) #50

Amaz reveals a new Priest card, seems ok health is a little low but the deathrattle pay off could be sweet.

(DayC) #51

(DayC) #52

Disgusting flexibility for a 1 drop.

(Gaskin) #53

Hadn’t even realised this thread existed. Shifter Zerus looks filthy. Probably an auto include in every deck.

(DayC) #54

Thinking the same mate, proper nasty card.

For anyone wondering, this card assumes the abilities and stats of a random card at the start of your turn when it’s in your hand and holds the original ability, this means it transforms every turn you hold it.

The card text is a little ambiguous.

(Gaskin) #55

Shadowcaster is also crazy for rogue, if you silence the 1/1 after playing it, it returns back to it’s normal body.

(DayC) #56

It’s official, April 26th is the release date

(DayC) #57

Rumor has it we’ll see nerfs on stream this Thursday.

(Gaskin) #58

I was looking forward to seeing the nerfs more than the new cards. I’ll post the images here for easy access!

Bye Bye Combo :slight_smile:

(DayC) #59

Got a thread going here mate if you want to post your thoughts.

(Gaskin) #60

too much thread, cannot keep up.