Whispers of the Old Gods - Announcement Cards

(DayC) #61

50 mins until the Whispers of the Old Gods reveal stream!

(Ryan Roberts) #62

And I’m at work…

(Gavin Rainey) #63

me and a few will likely be watching it but jump in discord at some point over the weekend im sure people will be on

(DayC) #64

Stream appears to be quite late…

(DayC) #65

Ah apparently it’s 6pm.

(Gavin Rainey) #66

ive been sitting here naked for 23 mins you prick

(DayC) #67

I’m going to assume you’re addressing your penis and you think it’s your dick’s fault you’re naked.

(DayC) #68

Well that was a lot to take in. Just browsing Hearthpwn now and the 4 rogue cards we saw were not particularly great. Priest is getting some middle of the road cards but I reckon Darkshire Alchemist looks great for sustain.

Warrior gets a nice legend which will likely end up being decent value with a battlecry like that. Bloodhoof Brave looks good for control warrior to replace those belchers and stall the game out. Blood to Ichor is a decent enabler for the hand full of creatures that like to take damage.

Druid gets probably the most flexible vanilla drop in the game with Forbidden Ancient (and the 4th forbidden card in the cycle) and their legend Fandral Staghelm seems like he could be effective in the right builds.

Warlock’s forbidden card is to swarm the board, a nice effect but they’re only 1/1’s, this isn’t unleash the hounds. Darkshire librarian feels like it was built for zoo.

Shaman gets a massive amount of support. A 7/7 for 4 that overloads 2, you’re welcome Tunnel Trogg. Stormcrack 2 mana to deal 4(?) damage to a minion and overload 1, not quite crackle but clears the board for Trogg. Eternal Sentinal which is a 3/2 for 2 and unlocks your mana, could see play in trogg. Primal Fusion, +1/+1 to a minion for each totem for 1, seems kind of clunky but certainly could work. The real start of the show though for me was Evolve, a 1 mana rare spell that transforms all your minions to those that cost 1 more, jesus that is hefty.

Mage receives another average legend 8/6 for 8 that board wipes on death.

Hunter seems to be getting tame cards too but I was totally wrong about that Call of the Wild card, that looks sick.

Neutral cards all feel as you would expect but the stand out card to me was Cyclopian Horror. A reasonably cheap neutral taunt solution vs early to mid boards. Shieldmasta might be more consistent though.

(Van Slab) #69


@Easy new crazed alchemist build m8

(DayC) #70

Never noticed that cards stats were reversed as was its name haha!

(DayC) #71

Just incase anyone missed Ben Brode’s statement on stream last night, when you boot the game up on the 27th or after you will receive 3 free whispers packs and the C’Thun legendary. After that you will be greeted with a quest to win 2 standard games, the prize is 5 Whispers packs. Finally upon completing this you will receive a quest for 7 standard wins, the prize is 5 more whispers packs.

Essentially you’ll receive a sizeable boost to your collection from the get go just by playing the game which I think is fantastic!

(DayC) #72

Full set image with memes courtesy of Reddit.

(DayC) #73

The board has been revealed, it’s the old Stormwind model that has been corrupted!

(DayC) #74

Pack opening simulator for Whispers. Accounts for the pity timer.


(Gaskin) #75

The Druid cards that appear when Fandral is on the board (make your choose one cards choose both)

(Gavin Rainey) #76

So pumped for druid, shambingo, priest, hunter, all of them!

(Ryan Roberts) #77

Gutted, I’m in America for the next two weeks. I’ll be missing the launch date and offers…

(Lethal) #78

@Tugsy Take a device with you with HS installed, gg