Who is entering HS at Insomnia54?

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Who from the site is going to i54 for HS? I would like to help you out with some practise (I’m playing CS:GO).

I’m sure my teammate and HS enthusiast @Smidsy will help you practise too.

I’ve been playing @Rod daily, using a variety of decks to keep practise sharp.

I can run:

Regular Shaman
Res Shaman (my absolute favourite deck in this game by miles)
Mech Shaman (sick deck)
All the cancer decks (face hunter, zoo, mech mage)
Beast Hunter
Combo Druid
Legendary Ramp Druid
Control Priest
Deathrattle Priest

Smidsy is the same he has a large range. I can help out most nights and would love us to have a lot of guys doing well.

who is in? If we all post in here we can organise something and help eachother with matchups we’re bad at, improving decks etc.

(DayC) #2

I’m certainly entering magic on both Saturday and Sunday now but more than willing to help people practice if they want to add DayC#2784

(Ben ) #3

I want to also enter hearthstone if possible at i series depends on how it clashes with cs. I have heard there are daily tournaments though. I’m here to practice with people if need be.

(Gavin Rainey) #4

You could just enter them every day and if the matches clash forfeit

(Xenoscythe) #5

You can’t enter both smids:

(DayC) #6

No never been able to enter both, Hearthstone takes ages to play all the rounds.

@Gaskin will you be entering?

(Ben ) #7

Daily tournaments it is then :slight_smile:

(Van Slab) #8

I am going to enter

Add me for some scrims mates Roffney#2627

(Gavin Rainey) #9

we plan on being in the CS until the sunday anyway mate, so its unlikely all being well!

(Matt) #10

prepare to stay up until 2am every night waiting for the admins to fix the servers.

(Gaskin) #11

I’m deffo considering it. I’m not good enough at tournament play atm but hoping to learn a bit more before hand. You gunna coach me yeah? :stuck_out_tongue:

(DayC) #12

Happily mate, HS should be groups at i54 so you’ll still get a good few rounds out of it :smile:

(Van Slab) #13

Hearthstone signups now available


@DayC What is the format used at Insomnia ?

(DayC) #14

Jesse Saunders on HSUK group on Facebook claimed i54’s rules would be the same as i53’s so these are probably a good guide to go off.


(Van Slab) #15

The conquest format is being used now


Only 3 decks required

(DayC) #16

Well spotted @Rod study the rules lads.

(Gaskin) #17

Does anyone know when BRM is due to be released? If it comes out before iSeries that would be funny.

Also, Gfinity Masters Qualifiers tonight a good chance to practice conquest if you haven’t signed up already. http://t.co/6DxZ3vIWGc

(Gavin Rainey) #18

3 decks

freeze warrior
murloc mage
ramp rogue

(Van Slab) #19

Think i’m going with these

@Xenoscythe Pirate Priest is no joke m8

(Gaskin) #20

I think unique decks could definitely get you far in the tournament. How does your secret mage play?