Who is entering HS at Insomnia54?

(DayC) #21

@RicTheGuy with a Murlock deck got 4th at i52 because people were unsure what to do with it @Gaskin if you build well but in your own fashion you’ll get far.

(Gavin Rainey) #22

It runs 2 of every secret and basically completely disabled the opponent and feeds rodney the right minions.

I beat it a few times but it is a slug. The best thing to do is to hold down your cards and use fodder to pull out his secrets and try to force duplicates early on.

I found most success killing the mas scientists as opposed to letting them run or silence them.

Combos like duplicating a lot of tor mages or w/e theyre called means he can have a lot of strong 4/3’s on board and play secrets for free.

(Gavin Rainey) #23

Also Flame lev always comes at the right time and clears aggro boards.

If I were entering the full cup I would go for:

Combo Druid
Mech Shaman

If we go out of CS and I get to do one of the daily cups on sunday im gonna run:

Res Shaman
Oil Rogue
Face Huntard

(Gaskin) #24

BRM confirmed for April 2nd. Wonder if it’ll affect the tournaments at all.

(Van Slab) #25

pretty much what Gav said. Most of my wins come from plays my opponent makes

i have played 80 games won 40, When i get to 100 i’ll post some stats and couple videos maybe a spellbender montage

@Easy @Smidsy

Entering this on Sunday ?

(DayC) #26

I believe Naxx was just before i52, that was just before undertaker hunter though so it didn’t make much difference. I’ve seen a few cards that could make a massive impact in the right decks though.

(Gaskin) #27

Is there packs as well as the solo stuff? I mean they could either just ban BRM cards or just be the first tournament to use them. would make for a better watch stream wise I guess.

(DayC) #28

BRM cards have been banned for the tournament:

(DayC) #29


Submit gimmick decks here then go play for fun!

(DayC) #30

@Gaskin has reached the top 12 I believe, congratulations bud! :smile: