World Cup Fantasy Football League

(Adam Mackenzie) #1

Hey :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to take part in a fantasy football league for the World Cup I’ve made one for TopMid and here combined.

The league is called TopMidSSRCG and password TMssrcg

PIN is 8123070.


Might think about prizes as an added incentive if there is enough interest?

(Gavin Rainey) #2

you fucking rebel!

Im down, I will sign up now

edit :lollipop: I am in now

(Adam Mackenzie) #3

Struggled with cash to get the players I really wanted :frowning:

(Will Schoolar) #4

I’m in!

(Sanchez ) #5

These always take a while so il do it after work :smile:

(Nick) #6

Never done one before but i’m in this.

(Rob Thomas) #7

I’m all signed up.

(Peter Woodberry) #8

Pretty happy with my squad!

(Adam Mackenzie) #9

Same here, no doubt I’ll probably make a bunch of changes before it starts!

(Yan) #10

Feels kinda wrong not having Klose in there.

(DayC) #11

Awesome I’ve been looking for something like this will join in when I get back.

(Sam) #12

I’m in bitchez. I always for for players rather than a team country so I always end up last.

(DayC) #13

Tried to spread my money around a bit rather than going for the star striker. I’ve put my faith more in the midfield and some columbians, they have an easy group and could top it if they keep their shit together.

The rest are personal preference, a few merseyside picks with me seeing them play week in week out I have faith they’ll do the business. The rest are what i’ll hope will be sensible choices and I hope I havn’t picked anyone out injured haha!

(Rob Thomas) #14

Pretty happy with my team.

Was going to get Costa or Aguero but they were injured at the end of the season so didn’t see the point.

(Sanchez ) #15

(Greg) #16

Making a squad now. I can’t seem to find Alessio Cerci in the player list though

(Ryan Roberts) #17

Work in progress, Berkley is just a place holder:

(DayC) #18

@Tugsy Barkley isn’t a bad outsider anyway especially after you’ve spent lots of cash on Messi, Neymar, Hazard and Luiz. He’ll be a powerhouse off the bench but he needs to keep the ball to really muscle his way into the starting 11.

(Gavin Rainey) #19

I find it difficult to like neymar in any way

(Ryan Roberts) #20

England won’t make it out of the group stages… I’d rather invest in a midfielder who’s going to progress.

@Easy - what don’t you like about Neymar?