World of Warcraft :? [Image Heavy]

(Xenoscythe) #1

World of Warcraft : Legion

Looks amazing will edit with updates.

New class (Demon hunter)
New pvp system (Prestige?!)
Artifact weapons (finally)
New zones and raids (usual)

(Peter Woodberry) #2

Looks awesome but I don’t even know if I can consider getting back into WoW atm.


I’ll be buying it, I always do - tbh the chance to play a demon hunter is way too good to miss. Seriously cannot wait to play that and from what I’ve seen so far I like the direction it’s heading.

(Gaskin) #4

I’d love to actually reach end game content for once.

(James) #5

Kinda wanna play WoW again

(Dean) #6

You have 12 months before the expansion. No new content will be coming to WoD during this time, so you have more than enough time.


Watching the live stream atm, Demon Hunter seems OP - at least in regards to movement in PvP, double jump and glide etc.

Edit - holy fuck, melee hunter inc? o.0

Not going to lie, some of these class changes - fuck me. Void form for shadow priests using insanity and growing darker and such, so damn cool.

(Dean) #8

Not seen anything WoW today, but the 5 man modes looks awesome. I reckon I might actually play now since I never have time for raiding these days. Probably pre-order at some point for the free level 100 since I’m far too lazy to level.


I’m quite interested I have to say, I mean I’ll buy it and level (I always do) but in short there’s some major changes inc Survival hunter using spears and being Melee, SPriests now using insanity (no mana) and the more you use your spells the closer you go insane, closing in on void form where you go hentai like the old gods. Haven’t been able to watch much as I’ve been at a wedding, but I’m pretty impressed so far.

(Dean) #10

Adam “@Nyu” James confirmed to be buying Legion.

(Adam) #11

I heard hentai.

(Dean) #12

Preach gave you a shoutout @Bagelzend in his ranged DPS video.


fuck you haha

(Xenoscythe) #14

holy fucking shit, do the broken shore scenario if you havent, fucking immense.

(Gaskin) #15

DH starting zone was really fun, but feels pointless to continue the quests afterward until 30th.


Going to get on that shit tonight, still need to sort my rep out though before the 30th as well

(Paul Corkin) #17

Been grinding invasion to get 725 weapons, it’s been fun but like everyone has said, 30th needs to come asap.

Still unsure on what class to play in legion.

(Ben ) #18

We have an SSRCG guild set up on Argent Dawn if any body is over that way :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #19

Joined last night and me and @Noodle got us one of dem dungeon achievements

(Sam Connolly) #20

Can someone invite me to the guild please? Characters name is blooprage