World of Warcraft :? [Image Heavy]

(Xenoscythe) #61

Blizzard once again proving they have the most incompetent balancing team world.

(Dean) #62

They have the right specs being patched looking at it, but I feel like some of the numbers are a bit too much. Glad Monks aren’t being changed, but a bit mad that Ignore Pain hasn’t been touched.

(Xenoscythe) #63

yep right specs massively wrong changes

it got a massive nerf mate its up like half the time now

(Ben ) #64

Nice Frost buff :smiley:

(DayC) #65

@Xenoscythe might be worth putting this in its own post and formatting a little bit next time its just quite a bit to take in especially on mobile.

Looks like i’ll have to keep any eye on mage’s frost spec though, those are some big % increases.

(Dean) #66

It’s more to bring it in line with Fire, it’s quite a fair away at the minute.

(Sam Hather) #67

So @Noodle you know how last night I said I’d been doing my dps rotation wrong? That’s just cos I knew that blizzard would reduce the damage of Throw Glaive in the next patch. So really my rotation was always spot on… honestly how can something that can hold no charges and has a 4 sec cooldown to gain a charge do 200k damage… and it was ranged.

On the plus side it looks like the tank spec is somehow getting a buff lmao. The loss in mastery will hurt me a fair bit but as i’m gradually sliding towards Vers > Mastery i’ll be absolutely fine. 20% increased damage reduction will make my demon spikes actually remain the same despite the mastery changes. TY Illidan

also @Bagelzend - looking like beast master might be worth sticking with! Will be interested in seeing the EN stats after this hotfix.


Aye I thought that myself tbh mate, I still think MM is going to top it slightly tbh. Either way, my gear’s pretty much interchangeable at this stage so should be cool.

(Scott) #69

Just hit level 60 on my first ever character. Loving it tbh. Haven’t played League or Overwatch in weeks.

(Sam Hather) #70

You on our server lad?

(Scott) #71

Dunno mate. I’m on Outland.

(Sam Hather) #72

Ah, move over to Argent Dawn lad!

(Scott) #73

Will do if I get bored of this Hunter

If I stick with it I get a free level 100 character if I buy Legion right? I’ll do that on your server

(Sam Hather) #74

Fair enough, we’ve got like 15-20 of us on there now :slight_smile:

(Dean) #75

Yeah you do get a free 100. Worth every penny, the best the game has been for about 9 years.

(Scott) #76

I really like how they condensed all the expansions into 1 game, then Legion as the only addon. Is that a new thing?

(Dean) #77

Started last expansion, WoW got you up until Mists of Pandaria then you just bought Draenor. It surely saves a good £50 for a new account.

(Scott) #78

Dunno if you know but it’s actually only a fiver for the base game + all the expansions except Legion atm. Pretty damn good deal if you ask me.

(Sam Hather) #79

Yeah they know that legion has absolutely smashed it out of the park and is not only bringing back old players but is also bringing new players. Mad how much of my friends list is playing

(Dean) #80

Bit of a quick run that one.