World of Warcraft :? [Image Heavy]

(Xenoscythe) #81

Enhancement I assume? They’re mental once geared well!

(Dean) #82

Yeah he was. Killed Helya before submerge. I reckon we can hit the timer constantly, we were slow at some parts.

(Xenoscythe) #83


Whilst simming last night I discovered I’m missing out on huge damage by not having the Satyr enchant. Going to get that on before the raid tonight.

(DayC) #84

Do we have an enchanter at all? None of my gear is enchanted at all so far.

(Dean) #85

We have Tuto, but there aren’t many enchants now. Neck, Ring and Cloak are the only enchants now.

(Sam Hather) #86

I can also enchant now. :)))

(Sam Hather) #87

(Sam Hather) #88

Well then

(DayC) #89

Fucking hell that seems quick, more content is good though :slight_smile:


More content is awesome! Though I do wish it was next week as I’m off… but hey.

(Dean) #91

Best have a full clear of Heroic in the next 2 weeks then!

(DayC) #92

Next raid won’t be released for a while due to blizzcon happening I believe so still got some time :slight_smile:

Nov 8th is the date apparently so 3 weeks to prepare and take down heroic EM

(Sam Hather) #94

That’s for trials of valour rather than the nighthold I think though?

(DayC) #95

Yeah looks like a smaller 3 boss raid, Odyn, Guarm and Helya.

Nighthold is where we’ll face little man Guldan but doesnt seem to have a date set on it yet. Still rumours floating around for early 2017 by the looks of it but i cant see any hard date by Blizzard.

(Ben ) #96

awwwwwwww yus!

(Sam Hather) #97

Well we all know what Bagel has asked Santa for…

(Scott) #98

Does anyone play marksman hunter here?

I just hit level 100 and I’m not feeling Sidewinders at all. I’ve gone from running around spamming arcane shot/marked shot for my damage, but now with sidewinders it seems like you have to stand still and cast a bunch of aimed shots? It feels kinda bad. In the first few quests of Legion I just got steamrolled by mobs because I couldn’t cast anything. Sidewinders has too long of a cooldown and I can’t stand still to aimed shot because then I just die.

Maybe I just don’t understand the sidewinders build at all


Essentially in leveling MM is about the burst, windburst opener, then Barrage, once Barrage has completed you should have your Sidewinders proc, which depending on health you could either aimed shot into the marked shot trigger, or alternatively directly into the Marked trigger. That should count for a huge chunk of damage before the mob has even got to you.

Sidewinders is a means to apply the Vulnerable debuff which boosts aimed shot and only to be used when procced, with aimed shot being the biggest damage output in raids.

(Scott) #100

What’s windburst?


Windburst is your artifact weapon ability, alternatively you could open with aimed shot, it’s just a chunk of damage but casted so you can then do insta casts to combine for good burst.