World of Warcraft :? [Image Heavy]

(Scott) #102

Ok cheers. It just doesn’t feel good because I spent so many hours running circles around mobs slowly chipping away at them. Now I’m just getting blasted in the face because I can’t move as much. I’ll keep at it I guess, I’ve only played Legion for an hour or 2. I think I just need to get the new combos down.

(Sam Hather) #103

Level with a pet if you’re not already. Makes life much easier as even though you do less damage your pet will tank for you.

(Scott) #104

I have been, but enemies have been ignoring him in Legion a lot for some reason

(Sam Hather) #105

you got him set to growl?

(Ben ) #106

Turn growl on and the pet should taunt. Just from reading your posts I highly recommend you go read a hunter guide thoroughly as it sounds like you are really missing out on some basic mechanics. It will make life so much easier in the long run.

(Scott) #107

He’s always had growl on yes

(Ben ) #108

Are you missdirecting on to your self somehow? It really sounds like you are missing key mechanics somehow. Pet=easy life

(Scott) #109

It’s usually when there’s a small group of mobs and a couple of them don’t get taunted

This is ok?

(Sam Hather) #110

10/10 guide. Can you misdirect on to pets? Maybe try doing that if you can. I’ve not leveled my Hunter in Legion so not sure how the class works atm.

(Dean) #111

Hitting 100 on a fresh hero is a nightmare. The mobs seem to be balanced for WoD endgame ilvl not fresh 100 ilvl. Do a few quests and it will get much easier.

(Xenoscythe) #112

The icy veins guides are run by the top top hunters so yeah, great guides.

MM isnt really meant for pet use and certainly not for multipull pet usage. Lone wolf the talent that removes the pet form MM is a huge damage boost and lets you kill mobs quickly without a pet. Your issue is that a MM pet cant really hold aggro when you’re hitting for such high damage.

here are a couple macros that might help though, i use them to let my pet tank 5-10 mobs at a time, hit the macros then multi shot.

Macro1 : Focuses your pet so you can quickly target your pet with the other macro

/focus pet

Macro2 : Misdirect your pet, this can be used as a mouseover macro if you prefer, both built in

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@focus,help,nodead]Misdirection

Personally i’d recommend BM for levelling to 110 though and switch-over then if you prefer to play MM.

(Sam Hather) #113

Can’t wait to setup my new sigil macros. Ty blizz for adding quick cast

(Scott) #114

Screw it I just switched back to arcane shot :confused:

Just don’t like the feeling of sidewinders at all. Might revisit it at 110.

(Dean) #115

Looking at joining us when you hit 110? We can quickly get you up to speed with gear and stuff.

(Gavin Rainey) #116

If you enjoy playing WoW, and knowing how you get good at every game you play mate, even without playing with you I imagine you will enjoy raiding with our boys they aren’t all that bad.

Except @Bagelzend

(Scott) #117

I’m on a different server unfortunately

Unless I can use my level 100 boost on a different server?

(DayC) #118

If you havnt used it already you can use it on any server you like i think

(Dean) #119

Yep you can use it on any other server, just roll on Argent Dawn and fire your boost at the new character.

(Scott) #120

Can someone help me pls. I’m trying to get the Hammer of Khaz goroth pillar of creation thing but I can’t seem to pick up the quest for it anywhere. The NPC outside the dungeon doesn’t give me a quest. I did the dungeon anyway and the hammer is just sitting there with no quest markers or anything and I can’t interact with it. I found this post:

But Mayla Highmountain doesn’t give me a quest either. :confused:

pls help

edit: nvm used wholly to find that mayla bitch. she was around the other side of the dungeon, not at the marker for it. I was speaking to her in thunder totem when she wouldn’t give me the quest.

(Sam Hather) #121

/gquit /unsub