Year in Review: 2017

(Gavin Rainey) #1

2017 was a very crazy year for both me personally, and TeqR/SSRCG.

For me it saw me complete some of the biggest work projects of my career so far, move to herefordshire, have another baby as well as get out of shape and get worse at CS:GO!

We got TeqR out of groups in CS:GO at LAN and I managed to SMOrc my way to top 12 in hearthstone, we lost the OG team with @Nodawe @Cabbage and @Electrix but they will never leave our hearts.

We took an ambitious jump at making a team with youthful players with potential which didn’t work out so well.

We saw LAN numbers dwindle and the presence in discord practically disappear.

However towards the end of the year we started to pick up again and LAN numbers look good and we’re playing again but things aren’t where they could be.

Lets bring back community nights, lets try to reintegrate some groups, we are currently split across a few places and because of this we have not played with eachother as much as possible.

I have asked a few people to try and use our discord more, in doing so it helps us push towards getting partner. I had a few people agree and want to help but I haven’t seen it come to fruition, but on that note I am not going to force anyone to use it if there specific reasons why.

The TeqR CS team currently being built could be the best lineup we’ve seen and I hope come LAN will do the dirty on some of these old timers who are a wee bit too comfortable :smiley:

for me personally 2018 is going to be a big year, im going to make a big push in getting SSRCG and TeqR to where it deserves to be and I would like each and every one of you to be there!

(Max Schneider) #2

I agree.

(Van Slab) #3