Your ability to safeguard Halo has been a colossal failure

(Richard Bowman) #1

If anybody is interested I have finished my latest article about Halo, sure to get some hate from some but overall I think it is right on the money. Feel free to check it out and as always feedback is appreciated.!Your-ability-to-safe-guard-Halo-has-been-a-colossal-failure-/c1133/B84140F3-5515-4768-956A-A505EBA62643

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Everytime I see a Halo article about how its bad I instantly think:

Dont preorder Halo 5

(Lethal) #3

The game is good apart from how shit the networking is, absolutely ridiculous. At first I thought it would be beyond repair.

(Richard Bowman) #4

The game would be great, I just really don’t like the fact that they released the game in the state it is in, there is no way they could have not known about these issues.

(Lethal) #5

Yer exactly GG to no beta.